Escaping ineffective teams or how to help your team thrive

One of the problems organizations often have, is how ineffective a team could become. Effectiveness is the result of leadership, organization design and teamwork. Often, teams become ineffective when they spend more time arguing with each other, looking for someone to blame or covering their butts, than working towards

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Team building or Rewards and Recognition?

TEAM BUILDING OR REWARDS AND RECOGNITION? As a consultant I frequently receive clients’ requests to facilitate Team Building and Employee Recognition events.  This process can be tricky.  Sometimes people think Team Building is the same as Rewards and Recognition. Or they want to achieve both goals in the same

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beginnings 2

NEW BEGINNINGS   Life is constant change. Every day we face a new challenge, a new client, a new project; we interact with our environment and we respond with new ideas, new products or new services. Every year is also a great opportunity to renew ourselves and our

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