Online Communication: Strategy and Business

Strategy and business are two words that are often put together. A great communication between you and your clients is vital to many aspects of a successful organization’s development, as your understanding of your clients’ needs should always inform your strategy. Strategic plans and their execution should always adapt to the environment. In this new,

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Agents of Change

Through the years we have applied, read and discussed principles that Process Consultants and Change Agents use when facilitating change with individuals and organizations.  Here is the summary of the principles gathered from the practice of Human Systems Interveners (colleagues from my Master’s program at Concordia University), as well as friends and colleagues working

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Make a statement – Visual Curriculum Vitae

Set yourself apart from other candidates! Catch the eye of potential clients, executives and recruiters with a visual Curriculum Vitae that will distinguish you from dozens of candidates that may have similar qualifications as you. This is a unique way of presenting all the relevant information. Showcase your exclusive style and

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