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Change in turbulent times

Meg Wheatley says that we can’t be creative if we refuse to be confused, that change always start with confusion. Unfortunately, confusion is a huge challenge for leaders;  clarity trumps complexity every time, even if you are clearly wrong. Most of the current leaders were born and raised in

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Leading Organizational Change through large group interventions

group interventions

Organizational change is a constant nowadays. Few organizations have been spared from major changes: either the introduction of a new technology, changes in the operation, or in the services they offer, or even adapting to new expectations of their customers or users. Organizational changes, when are not designed

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beginnings 2

NEW BEGINNINGS   Life is constant change. Every day we face a new challenge, a new client, a new project; we interact with our environment and we respond with new ideas, new products or new services. Every year is also a great opportunity to renew ourselves and our

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