Helping your team to work better

Who would you like to have in your team if you had to beat zombies or escape from a haunted castle? We’re sure you can think of at least 10 people, friends or TV series characters that you would like to have by your side. They will most likely have different skills and competencies, that could work together can help you succeed in your goal.

Getting things done and winning over your competitors is no different. You have a team of people with different skills and competencies, and all of them are working to achieve a goal. How you use their skills and how committed and aligned they are is what makes the difference.

There are different ways of building your team, many of them imply games or purposeful play, as people learn better and have more meaningful interactions if they have fun together. Also, a fun environment helps people to be more open and allows them to lower their defenses.






Our team building sessions are designed to challenge your team to work together to achieve a goal:  escape the room, or find the cure, or solve the mystery will help them bring their talents to the table and learn how to work better together. It will help them reflect on how effectively they are using their skills. Many skills are involved in these types of challenges: creativity, problem solving, leadership, critical thinking, communication, negotiation, etc. Quite like the ones needed to achieve your organizational goals.


At the end of the game, regardless of their success achieving the goal, your team will have the opportunity to have a Mission Debrief. They will talk about how what they did helped the team. This is a great opportunity to briefly talk about some of things that  makes a team thrive:

  • Problem solving: They will need to talk about what they think the problem is, where the clues might be, how to get there. Our designs have puzzles that will give them clues to other puzzles.
  • Creativity: How are we using the clues? What tools are in the room? How else can they be used? Faced with a very challenging timeline, people get even more creative.
  • Communication: there are many clues around the room. You won’t succeed unless the team shares their findings and theories.
  • Leadership: the more complex the room is, the more leaders are needed. The team will learn that there are different ways of leading, especially in complex situations where no one knows what the solution could be.
  • Followship: Too many leaders will make a group ineffective. They will learn when to follow and when to lead.


Once that the team has enjoyed the game and had the chance to debrief, it’s a great opportunity to acquire new skills. They have seen each other deal with the different challenges, and they have been asked questions that will allow them to reflect on how to improve.  Now it’s time for skill building.

You can choose a topic you want to be delivered or we can facilitate a learning session where they will explore the topic they find more important and learn what are the practices that can help them hone these skills. All the learning sessions will be connected to the shared experience, making it more meaningful.

Get ready to participate in one of the most amazing team building experiences and support your team in the journey to become more efficient!