Leadership through the ages

We know that change is present in every aspect of our lives: our job changes constantly, we meet new people, we acquire more education or we reflect upon new experiences.

The leadership style that we exercise or observe in other people should also change in response to different challenges; although we may not notice these changes in the bigger picture. I was reflecting on the different theories that I learned some time decades (!)  ago and I found that the leadership styles have changed drastically through the ages. Then, I found this image that illustrates these changes clearly: http://visual.ly/leadership-through-ages

Needless to say that we constantly meet people who believe that the “Great Man” or the “Controller” are the only styles that work. For sure, we may feel more comfortable using a particular style, but that doesn’t mean that we’re effective.

We need to consider that our collaborators have different needs, and the style that is most effective for them could be totally opposite from ours.  To have a real impact, we need to be at the intersection of the right style for us and our collaborators, the organizational culture and the environment. Why? because we’re not working in isolation.

The bigger our organization is, the more variables come in play. This new era is calling for Eco-leadership, a leader that can help the company to thrive in harmony with the environment. Are you ready for it?


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