Attractive posts

Creating original material for your website/blog is often hard and difficult.  We trade, search, read, highlight topics and articles; then we let it sit, don’t write a single word and procrastinate for days, and we end up with a bunch of files and links to very good and interesting information but without a single line written.

It doesn’t have to be this way. All your work (and the authors’!) has merit. Putting it together will offer your readers the opportunity of saving time in searches or keeping up to date with information that interests them. Sharing content can also be an attractive post that invites people to subscribe to your list, especially if you use some criteria to make it more useful for your readers.

Brief summaries or introductory texts with links to long and interesting articles have their own level of attraction for your clients-subscribers-users. It is a useful reference for you and it saves time for them.

Open your folder for “post-material” and read what you have saved: is it relevant/useful/interesting material for your customers?
It will likely fall into these categories:

  • New approach to a known topic
  • Interesting/cutting edge information
  • New or Useful tools 
  • All the information needed to solve a problem
  • News or hacks about software they use

Time is the most valuable resource we all have. Your clients love to save time. Putting this kind of information in one place will allow your customers focus on what they do best, instead of looking for information.

Think of your clients’ needs. Do your research and write a post today w

ith 7 or 10 links worthy of your and their attention. Add a brief introduction tha

t explains why is it relevant to them. Tag it appropriately and follow up the c

onversion from visitors to subscribers.

A little post like with relevant content may be the reason why to subscribe to your mailing list. Also, you will acknowledge the knowledge and effort of who crea


ted those pages, you will be able to post more frequently, maintain the attractiveness of your list and avoid the pressure of creating original material all the time.