Our products and services are designed to meet your needs in Design, Facilitation, Learning and more. Our systemic perspective ensures that our proposed solutions will make sense. Welcome and we invite you to see and learn from what we have done for our clients.

IMIXcoCREATION Services Graphic

minipoint design Design of image and Image application  Examples here
minipoint design Iconography analysis (Image analysis) Example here
minipoint design Design and Redesign logo and image  Examples here
minipoint design Consulting on image and branding  Example here
minipoint design Web design  Examples here
minipoint design Graphic recording  The process of graphic recording can be used for your meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences to help increase engagement, motivation, creativity and to stimulate visual thinking. Graphic recording improves communication, decision making, and productivity, creating a visual summary of what was said. For more information click here

minipoint design  and so much more


IMIXcoCREATION services Coachingminipoint coaching Peer Coaching (Coaching for groups)
minipoint coaching Executive Coaching 
minipoint coaching Outplacement Coaching (Career Transition) 


IMIXcoCREATION Services Learning

Print More than 15 Learning and Development workshops for more information click here


IMIXcoCREATION Services Consulting

minipoint consulting Organizational Consulting Strategic Reflection / Succession Planning / Leadership and Talent Development / Diversity and Inclusion / E-learning
and More

minipoint consulting Organizational Development Consulting Employee Engagement / Culture Alignment (Mission, Vision, Values) / Organizational Transformation and Change and More

minipoint consulting Learning and Development Consulting  Training Needs Analysis / Instructional Design / Learning Facilitation / Evaluation of the impact of training and ROI and More

minipoint consulting Social Media  Needs Analysis / Strategy

minipoint consulting Image and Design


IMIXcoCREATION Services Facilitation

Facilitation of Organizational Change Interventions More Info

Print World Café

Print Open Space

Print Appreciative Inquiry

Print Art of Hosting

Print Search Conference

Print Strategic Reflection

Print Strategic Planning

Print Professional Co-development Groups

Print Graphic Facilitator