Escape Room at your office

Does your team need a team building session?

Escape Room to officeTry something totally different!

We have worked with many organizations and one of the most common complaints is: people don’t always want to have a team building session.

And then we had a great experience in an Escape Room and thought: “If only we had debriefed that, we would have improved the way we worked together and learned more about ourselves…”


We are all about purposeful play, as we believe that people learn more when they are enjoying what they do. So, we designed a 3-hour experiential learning activity that includes 1 hour of Escape Room experience, and a 2-hour learning session that helps the team debrief and learn some practices to improve team efficiency.



Each session has a different degree of complexity and can accommodate from 3 to 25 people.

We have 8 different themed Escape Rooms to bring to your office and we can certainly accommodate to your needs. Because we’re kind of fiction geeks, our current themes are: Vampires, Zombies, Frankenstein, Werewolves, Ghosts, Pirates, Heist and Aztecs vs. Mayans.

The team arrives to the session, receives the directions for the game, and after the event we debrief the experience with appreciative questions. Then we give learn a bit on the topic you select: leadership, team dynamics, collaboration, communication, problem solving, or personality types, to help the team make sense of the experience and gain practical knowledge that can be apply immediately.


Contact us now to discuss how a team Escape Room can help your team work better!