The Visual Curriculum Vitae Revolution

point NEW 512x512Go beyond the traditional curriculum vitae! Get a visual summary of your achievements, education, skills and competencies, vision and workplaces (or clients), all represented graphically on a single sheet using the Graphic Recording technique.

  • Give a great first impression from the beginning and set yourself apart for that new job that you want
  • Use it to showcase your career, clients or trajectory in your website or presentations
  • Or give an outstanding present to a colleague who is retiring

Your career has been unique, your CV should show, not just tell.

Curriculum Visual Vitae

Be unique.

Landscape Orientation

Marcela Urteaga CV isual

Marcela’s Visual Curriculum Vitae

Portrait Orientation

Hector CVisual Vitae

Hector’s Visual Curriculum Vitae

Launch price: CAN $ 300

1. Update and prepare your file: CV_ (yourname) (doc / docx / .dot / .pdf.)
1. Make payment via Paypal with the button below
2. Copy your payment code
3. Send us your payment code, the orientation you want and your CV via email to this address.
4. Between 2 and 5 days later we will send you a draft with a watermark for your approval or corrections.
5. You will forward us your corrections or approval at your earliest convenience
(If there are corrections we will send you a second draft for your approval)
6. Upon us receiving your approval in less than 72 hours we will send you a link so you can download your Visual CV in three versions:
Poster 21 x 16 “- Print quality 300dpi
Letter 8.5 x 11 “- Print quality 300dpi
Web version approx. 2000×1500 px. Quality Web 72dpi