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Ribbon Design

Creative Design Services that answer to your specific needs in image, marketing and communication. Done with a mix of creativity, rational analysis, a bit of fun, and overall, excellence and professionalism.


minipoint design Design and redesign of Personal Image Example here
A graphic image tailored to your needs, that highlights your personality, interests, hobbies, and/or preferences. Perfect for promoting YOU as an individual.

minipoint design Design and redesign of Professional Image Example here
Your image and logo developed to set you apart from other professionals in your fields. Reflecting through the image, the qualities of your work, as well as the competencies that set you apart from others.

minipoint design Design of Social Media Image Example here
A design of your logo and a matching image with your communication needs for Social Media in mind. With different applications of your logo and the development of a matching image that will help you in the promotion of your services in different Social Media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for example.

minipoint design Branding Coaching
Coaching and advice to help you define your communication strategy regarding your brand, focusing on online communication.

minipoint design Image Coaching Example here
Analysis, advice, and techniques to hone the image of your brand and maximize its potential.


 Ribbon Coaching

Coaching Services that help you learn skills and competencies at your own rythm, or to navigate during a transition.


minipoint coaching Life Coaching: There are moments in our lives when we feel we are stuck. Our Life coaching sessions will help you to move forward and create the life you want.


minipoint coaching Career Coaching:  Whether you need to develop competencies for your current position, or for a new role, we can help you. We can help you increase your performance and hone your leadership skills through coaching and training. Using our extensive experience in Career Planning and Succession Planning we will help you define the long and short term strategies needed to take control of your career.


minipoint coaching Career Transition: Take your career to the next level by developing the skills you need to succeed in job search, interviews and the first months in a new role.