Make a statement – Visual Curriculum Vitae

Set yourself apart from other candidates!

Catch the eye of potential clients, executives and recruiters with a visual Curriculum Vitae that will distinguish you from dozens of candidates that may have similar qualifications as you. This is a unique way of presenting all the relevant information. Showcase your exclusive style and competencies with a unique CV and increase the chances of being contacted.

A visual summary of your achievements, workplaces, clients, skills and education, all represented graphically on a single sheet using the Graphic Recording technique. Use this Visual  Curriculum Vitae in addition to your CV in classic format and give a great first impression for a new job. Or use this Visual CV for a summary of your expertise and trajectory to attract more potential clients, celebrate years of successful or give an exceptional present to someone.

Here you can see it in landscape format.

Marcela Urteaga CV isualIt is a different, artistic and efficient way to give a look to your working life. If you are interested in having yours, contact us now.  Click here to see our service.point-512x512



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Curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a written overview of a person’s experience and other